Dr. Stemp believes that to be considered as a successful Chiropractor there is one thing that you must be able to do right... Get Results.  Dr. Stemp has dedicated his entire career to this principle.  This is proven by his literally hundreds of hours of post graduate training in chiropractic adjusting techniques.  He specializes in tough cases including: disc injuries such as bulging/slipped cervical and lumbar discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, chronic Head Aches, extremity injuries, sports injuries, and much more.  He will evaluate and determine the best treatment for each patient based on their individual needs.  Dr. Stemp prides himself on getting results quickly. If you do not get relief in the first 6 visits Dr. Stemp will reassess your condition to determine if a change in technique is needed or if another modality will be better suited for your case.

Being in pain affects your quality of life.  Don't let pain stand your way of leading a more productive, joyful, and fulfilling life.  Call the office today to see if Dr. Stemp can help you.